Need a heated pool

Solar Heating for Pools

A swimming pool not only increases your property’s value but also offers a peaceful place for refreshing entertainment. It is a significant construction that also aids in making your property look more attractive.
You would love to jump in your swimming pool every day to have a refreshing swimming session. It may not be possible to do throughout the year, especially when the temperature drops and water gets colder. It is called the off session for using the pool. You can keep your swimming pool active during the off season if you equip that pool with a pool heater. The Riverside Pool Builders provide some great pool heating solutions which you must check. Let’s consider all the different types of pool heaters to know which one is the best for heating your pool.

Solar pool heating

Pool Solar heater

If you are avoiding installing a pool heater for a long time because of the energy cost, a solar pool heater can be the best solution. It typically consists of a solar pump, roof-top solar panels, and solar controller. When it is a bright sunny day, and you want to get into your swimming pool, the solar heaters can efficiently heat your pool up to 3°c. It means you can extend the swimming season by a month if you install this eco-friendly pool heating solution. If you want a better heating performance, you can install a large solar heater to get better results.

Gas pool heaters

Gas pool heaters are quite beneficial if you do not want to rely on sunlight for heating your pool. It can quickly heat an average size pool by 1°c per hour during the swimming. When it is not the swimming season, and you still want to enjoy your time in the pool. To do so, you will have to cover the pool with a pool blanket while using the gas pool heater. Thus, it will work more efficiently.

Heat pumps

The heat pumps are not as efficient as solar heaters because it will heat up to 0.5°c per hour. You will have to cover the pool with a pool blanket when the heat pump is working to gain the desired temperature quickly. A heat pump takes heat from the air and transfers it into your pool to heat the water. It can take a bit long time, and that’s a significant drawback.

Electric pool heaters

Even though direct electric pool heaters are quite efficient, many people do not consider installing them. The main reason is the operating cost of the direct electric heaters. It can quickly increase your power bills, and that might be a bit frustrating if you are looking for an affordable solution.
Consider solar heating as an economical and efficient solution:
If you aim to extend the swimming season by one or two months, there is no other better solution than solar pool heating. People often get confused between heat pumps and solar heating. When it comes to heating capacity and performance, solar heating wins the competition. It is an environment-friendly and efficient way of heating pool water. So, try it to enjoy swimming during the offseason.